Monday, December 14, 2009


disenthralled/Issue #3 goes up tomorrow.

Alisa Rynay Haller, Robert Crisman, Lynn Kinsey, Miss Alister,Howie Good, Paul D. Brazill, Tom Leins, C.K. Black, Richard Godwin, Lena Vanelslander. Photography by Katie Stokes, XactoInTheBox and WonderfulUgly.

Your literary antidote to Christmas cheer.

[I've been obsessed with the song "A Little More Love," by Olivia Newton-John and looped it while preparing Issue #3.]


I forgot to link the fall issue of GLOSSOLALIA FLASH, which contains three of my shorts, in the sidebar.

"The situation needed correcting, so I corrected it, sir."

Thank you, Mr Grady.


Shoots and Vines is going to publish a mini-zine of my original poetry this month. Next week, I think. THE S.J. VALLEY AUTHORITY. S.J. is for San Jacinto, CA, which I destroy with a controlled flood in the title poem.

I'm also going to have an untitled poem in the next print issue of Lynn Alexander's CORPOREAL FLUX.

And some other stuff. Somewhere....

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