Thursday, April 28, 2011


I have a piece called "Ray" in the one-year anniversary issue of Aleathia Drehmer's IN BETWEEN ALTERED STATES. Ray first appeared in a story I wrote for Opi8. He has since shown up in a screenplay and a group of tales centered around a diner. In my opinion, Ray is the most terrifying character I've ever created (by the time you notice him, it's already too late and you'd better hope you're not the person he's looking for)....


I also have a little poem called "Stardust" in Blossoms, a mini-zine edited by Aleathia's daughter. Can't wait to receive it.

I've cut back on writing and submitting work to focus upon music, but will have more new poetry up soon at Sex and Murder Magazine, Gloom Cupboard and Phantom Kangaroo.

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