Sunday, September 20, 2009

Actual "Blog" Content Follows:

Lately, I've been putting together a modest online journal. It will feature writing in various formats, art, photography. Whatever catches my attention. If you've read my work, you know what I like; if not, congratulations on doing something more productive with your time. The submission window will be a single week from the posting of each issue. I've been getting help and material from some great people. Check back on October 15th....


As far as my own submissions go, this has been a cold two weeks in hell. Just kidding. I really don't get upset about it. I've tried to be a little more playful this month (still dark, of course, but joyful, too). The result? Last month, prior to doing this, I had ten out of seventeen pieces accepted. So far, this month? Zero. Zero out of....well, just Zero. Does this make me want to change my approach? No, because this is the mood I'm in. This is how I feel like writing at the moment. A lot of it has been SO strange, though, I haven't bothered to send it out.

I posted one piece of a series at 6S/Ning. A dark fantasy about a place where nothing lives and nothing much happens. The subjects aren't ghosts, but a brother and sister who are neither dead nor alive. Someone commented that it was sad, chilling, moody. Another, that I seemed to have had a lot fun writing it. Correct on both counts. I revelled in putting it together; but, when I wrote the final version of the main character's wish, I had tears in my eyes and had to get up from my chair. The problem--if it could even be considered a problem--appears to be that I'm writing for disparate readers at the same time, rather than focusing to achieve a single, desired effect. Cool. In a mass-schizophrenia kind of way.



"Sometimes, We Choose," by Quin Browne. It doesn't need an introduction. Set aside a few minutes and then go here and start reading:



  1. Amazing how much our characters are apart of us. You know you are doing good when they are inside your heart as well as your mind.

    About the rejects - I think it's feast or famine. You've got some great wordsmithery talent, so keep at it. ;)

  2. Thanks, Jodi. It's often love/hate with my stuff, which I completely understand....Or "I kind of hate it, but would still like to publish it," which is a reaction that makes me giggle with delight.

  3. I tend to hate my stuff too about the 7th rewrite- some editor better like this piece of crap!

    Thanks for your kind comment on The Next Step. You know, dreams are interesting entities. You just never know. I believe our subconscience is open to so much when our conscience rests.

    What instrument do you play?

  4. oh, walter... this, too, shall pass... and thanks for the plug.

    it is deeply appreciated.

  5. @Jodi...I meant editors either loving or hating it. :) Gut-level reaction. Either they want really want something or it's dismissed out-of-hand.

    I have a room full: guitars, fiddles, banjo, trumpet, cornet, sax, piano, tin whistles, fife, who knows what's in there....