Monday, June 29, 2009


After a few hectic years of moving around the United States and taking care of business, I am now submitting work again. This site will contain regular updates on publication, works-in-progress and anything else that may be relevant. My first two short stories to go up, BADDERLANDS and LAST STOP, DULLSVILLE are at A Twist of Noir. I have some flash (1000 words or less) waiting to appear at another site and a second flash, short story and poem submitted elsewhere.


I've recently begun work on a novel entitled HENRY SLOAN. I have a seventy-five page interview with the main character, conducted by a policeman from the novel, as well as related short fiction and notes that will be going into it. I officially banged out Chapter One today.

I'm willing to consider any work-for-hire project that my schedule allows. In addition to the work listed at right, I have also written or co-written short and feature-length screenplays, public service announcements, picture books, newspaper inserts, editorials and animation scripts.

I love to talk shop and am always glad to help behind-the-scenes in whatever way I can.

Thanks for stopping by.