Wednesday, March 30, 2011


My poem "descent" is up at The Camel Saloon:


My own favorite of the desert poems I've written. The road described is one I took almost daily when I was out in CA. They have some wonderful poetry at The Camel Saloon. Glad I happened upon it.

FLASHDRIVE 2, the next disenthralled e-book, is coming along. Two stories to go and I've been in touch with the photographer. Still on track for a May 1 posting.

I picked up some audio mixing/recording software and may put together a radio drama. I haven't written or recorded any complete songs in a while, so that's also a possibility.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I have a poem called "re-animate-her" at Mad Swirl:


My first piece for them. I had no idea that you become a regular once you have three poems there. Hmmm. Would they take a poem about unseen electronic bird-gods? Would anyone?

I also posted a story of mine called "Last Stop, Dullsville" at issuu, along with some of the Paul Dutra photography that inspired it. Forget to mention it here. You have to be a member or issuu--free and easy--since it's correctly tagged unsuitable for children:


I'm about to post a new disenthralled issuu e-book. Two stories by a writer who appeared in one of the regular issues and a cover by a photographer new to us. By us, once again, I mean me. Possibly today.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I have a new story up, "Evan," at Nefarious Muse. It's all true but the detail I added to frame it into a story:


Finished a crime story today.

May draw some.

Yesterday I did a pen-and-ink portrait of Henry Cooper, based on a photo of him taken after he'd gone five rounds with Muhammad Ali. It's my new profile pic at faceplant. I really like working with pigment pens and india ink--a mixture of drawing and painting. The results are gritty and suit my colorblindess and predilection for B&W.

Monday, March 14, 2011


I have a new poem, "underspace," in issue #5 of Phantom Kangaroo. My first time appearing there. Nice site, good company to be in....


I should have a story or two up soon, maybe a comic.

Wrote half a story this morning. I usually bang them out in a sitting, but I want to let this one stew, under the lid, for another day before I wrap it up.

Monday, March 7, 2011


The spring 2011 issue of DARK VALENTINE MAGAZINE is up, containing an illustration of mine and stories by Paul Brazill and others. My first time being published with them:


I was asked to do this, after I had a piece go up at A TWIST OF NOIR. Aspects of the drawing surprised me upon seeing it again--surprised, as in, I don't remember doing that--although I just drew it a month or two ago.


I now have the photographer, guest introducer and full line-up of writers in place for FLASHDRIVE 2. Three stories already. On track for the May 1 publication date.

I have a list of writers I want for FLASHDRIVE 3, which I'm hoping will be kind of a Scary Twilight Zone Edition.


Sent off a few things the other day. I'm going to have another story at IN BETWEEN ALTERED STATES and a poem up next week. I should have a comic up soon. I'm also waiting to hear back on whether a new Candy Sangria tale will be posted.

This weekend, I wrote a poem about a night I spent at a Long Beach oil refinery and the bulk of a short crime story inspired by a trip I'll take to Wyoming next month. By the prospect of it. Not the trip itself, since I haven't taken it yet. I'm driving someone out, then flying back solo. I don't mind the traveling--looking forward to the drive and I'm fine with flying--but there are lots of loose ends and details to be worked out and a certain amount of dread involved. I would like to get some road trip pics, jot down a couple story ideas. And I've never been to Wyoming before.

This morning. I may work on the crime story and type up a few poems. I want to do a pen-and-ink portrait today, but am undecided on the subject.

Coffee pot, come to me....