Thursday, April 28, 2011


I have a piece called "Ray" in the one-year anniversary issue of Aleathia Drehmer's IN BETWEEN ALTERED STATES. Ray first appeared in a story I wrote for Opi8. He has since shown up in a screenplay and a group of tales centered around a diner. In my opinion, Ray is the most terrifying character I've ever created (by the time you notice him, it's already too late and you'd better hope you're not the person he's looking for)....


I also have a little poem called "Stardust" in Blossoms, a mini-zine edited by Aleathia's daughter. Can't wait to receive it.

I've cut back on writing and submitting work to focus upon music, but will have more new poetry up soon at Sex and Murder Magazine, Gloom Cupboard and Phantom Kangaroo.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I have a short story called "Kick Head Kimberly" at Pulp Metal Magazine. Part of the Candy Sangria Experience.


My poetry collection, OUR SECRET END, is in the works. It'll be published overseas, but available online and in the US, as well.

After it comes out and I post FLASHDRIVE 2, I may teach myself Mandarin Chinese and write music for a while. Or just speak Mandarin, since it's as beautiful as any music I've ever heard.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


My poem "descent" is up at The Camel Saloon:


My own favorite of the desert poems I've written. The road described is one I took almost daily when I was out in CA. They have some wonderful poetry at The Camel Saloon. Glad I happened upon it.

FLASHDRIVE 2, the next disenthralled e-book, is coming along. Two stories to go and I've been in touch with the photographer. Still on track for a May 1 posting.

I picked up some audio mixing/recording software and may put together a radio drama. I haven't written or recorded any complete songs in a while, so that's also a possibility.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I have a poem called "re-animate-her" at Mad Swirl:


My first piece for them. I had no idea that you become a regular once you have three poems there. Hmmm. Would they take a poem about unseen electronic bird-gods? Would anyone?

I also posted a story of mine called "Last Stop, Dullsville" at issuu, along with some of the Paul Dutra photography that inspired it. Forget to mention it here. You have to be a member or issuu--free and easy--since it's correctly tagged unsuitable for children:


I'm about to post a new disenthralled issuu e-book. Two stories by a writer who appeared in one of the regular issues and a cover by a photographer new to us. By us, once again, I mean me. Possibly today.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I have a new story up, "Evan," at Nefarious Muse. It's all true but the detail I added to frame it into a story:


Finished a crime story today.

May draw some.

Yesterday I did a pen-and-ink portrait of Henry Cooper, based on a photo of him taken after he'd gone five rounds with Muhammad Ali. It's my new profile pic at faceplant. I really like working with pigment pens and india ink--a mixture of drawing and painting. The results are gritty and suit my colorblindess and predilection for B&W.

Monday, March 14, 2011


I have a new poem, "underspace," in issue #5 of Phantom Kangaroo. My first time appearing there. Nice site, good company to be in....


I should have a story or two up soon, maybe a comic.

Wrote half a story this morning. I usually bang them out in a sitting, but I want to let this one stew, under the lid, for another day before I wrap it up.

Monday, March 7, 2011


The spring 2011 issue of DARK VALENTINE MAGAZINE is up, containing an illustration of mine and stories by Paul Brazill and others. My first time being published with them:


I was asked to do this, after I had a piece go up at A TWIST OF NOIR. Aspects of the drawing surprised me upon seeing it again--surprised, as in, I don't remember doing that--although I just drew it a month or two ago.


I now have the photographer, guest introducer and full line-up of writers in place for FLASHDRIVE 2. Three stories already. On track for the May 1 publication date.

I have a list of writers I want for FLASHDRIVE 3, which I'm hoping will be kind of a Scary Twilight Zone Edition.


Sent off a few things the other day. I'm going to have another story at IN BETWEEN ALTERED STATES and a poem up next week. I should have a comic up soon. I'm also waiting to hear back on whether a new Candy Sangria tale will be posted.

This weekend, I wrote a poem about a night I spent at a Long Beach oil refinery and the bulk of a short crime story inspired by a trip I'll take to Wyoming next month. By the prospect of it. Not the trip itself, since I haven't taken it yet. I'm driving someone out, then flying back solo. I don't mind the traveling--looking forward to the drive and I'm fine with flying--but there are lots of loose ends and details to be worked out and a certain amount of dread involved. I would like to get some road trip pics, jot down a couple story ideas. And I've never been to Wyoming before.

This morning. I may work on the crime story and type up a few poems. I want to do a pen-and-ink portrait today, but am undecided on the subject.

Coffee pot, come to me....

Monday, February 28, 2011


I have a new poem entitled "the fall" at The Camel Saloon. My first appearance there. It's also archived at their annex site, The Second Hump, which you can link to from the homepage....


I just began to submit written work again, after quite a layoff. I'll have another poem in a small press mag soon. About to email a short story.

The list of contributors for FLASHDRIVE 2 (being released internationally as SON OF FLASHDRIVE) is coming together. Very excited about this. People I haven't published or worked with before. Plus, I'm asking about half of them to do what they ordinarily would not, which almost always leads to innovation.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


FLASHDRIVE, the first disenthralled E-book, is up at issuu. Photos by Sarah Bloom. Flash Fiction by Peggy McFarland, Robert Crisman, Laurita Miller, Carrie Clevenger, Quin Browne and Me (I included the story that gave me the idea, which was inspired by the work of Nicole Hirschi).

FLASHDRIVE: Flash Fiction and Images from the Road

My first time dealing with issuu. I found out the hard way you can't edit what is posted there. There are a few typos/brainslips/format glitches, but the material is strong. Read the Foreword, if you must, at a skim.

I found it much easier to layout the file prior to uploading it than dick around with it for hours on end, like I've been doing at the main Wordpress site ( The e-zine/website version consumed far too much of my life. Issuu offers a way for me to continue disenthralled without it becoming a full-time job again.


Sarah Bloom, who provided all of the photographs, has a Kickstarter campaign, "Totally Exposed," that you should check out. If you like the work she has contributed to disenthralled and my other projects, please consider supporting her:



Opened the windows in the office today. It's beautiful out. The wind is gusting, but not nearly as bad as yesterday. Belle, one of our Siamese kittens, hopped right up to watch the birdies.

"Look at the little birdie...."


Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Did a new piece for A TWIST OF NOIR yesterday:


That was the working title. I don't really give my drawings titles. Call it whatever you want. "Nice Job Backing Out of the Driveway in Fresh Snow" would do.

I sketched the clouds and lower half in pencil, then started inking from the top with micron pens. The skylines were done freehand. My favorite part, I think, is the mailbox.

Yesterday, I picked up some ink and an India ink brush-pen to try on large blacked-out spaces. I've been eating up the micron pens; I love them for inking these small pieces, but they don't give the kind of flat, opaque coverage I want.

Next, I'm going to work on a new comic for PULP METAL. I have a few things ready, but need something different before I post the Quin Browne short story I adapted.

I'm also finishing up a little e-book called "Flashdrive" (Sarah Bloom photography and various writers). Should be up soon. Today, if I can place the photos and upload it to the site correctly.

And with my free time, unless something comes up, I'll be either be watching bad Horror or 70's Crime movies.

Monday, February 14, 2011


New Valentine's Day story, "Mine," by Rizzy Rodham at YOU WOULD SAY THAT, WOULDN'T YOU?



Working on some new crimescene artwork and a stippled portrait of Charlie Patton today.

Wrote a poem last night, for the first time in months.

I'm sliding back towards music and martial arts training and have no idea how this year is going to play out.

Monday, February 7, 2011


BLACK BETWEEN THE FRAMES #2 is up at Pulp Metal Magazine. Lots to read. So go read it....



Submitted a poem last week that will be appearing in a print microzine this spring. I have a slew of poems from last year that I never sent out. May get on it this week.

Finished the pencils on a new version of the Quin Browne story I adapted for BBTF.

There are a few things I could work on, but I think I'd rather draw a picture of Lightnin' Hopkins today.

Monday, January 31, 2011


New drawing, "Why you should always sit at a table, rather than a booth, with a clear view of the door," at Twist:


Sakura micron pens on a sketchpad. I almost painted it, but decided to go with lines and heavy blacks. Still undecided whether I should do greyscale or straight B&W on this kind of image. Black and white, I think, if I can pull it off. There are an infinite variety of effects you can achieve with straight B&W. Not always logical or accurate--often stylized, suggestive, even surreal--but my primary concern is eliciting a reaction, not winning a prize for photo-realism.

I'm reminded of Cornell Woolrich, one of the progenitors of Noir. His stories were often contrived, overwrought, at times nonsensical, but he dragged you into the heart of his existential nightmare and didn't let up until you almost couldn't stand it.

Finishing up a new BBTF today. Have another ready. Keeping an eye out, while I wait for details on an upcoming illustration.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


BLACK BETWEEN THE FRAMES, the monthly crime comic for Pulp Metal Magazine, now has a homepage:


I plan to do a few single-panels, then a longer story or two this spring. I'm already at work adapting the short story of a friend.

* * *

Just finished an illustration for a periodical that I have never appeared in, as a writer/editor/anything else. Excited to be part of it.

Next are an illustration for a comic-themed book, new artwork for A Twist of Noir and a wicked little story for Valentine's Day. And I may get disenthralled up and running again soon--I discussed it with a guest editor and contacted a new photographer this morning.

What's on Chiller tonight....

Monday, January 10, 2011


My monthly crime comic for Pulp Metal Magazine, BLACK BETWEEN THE FRAMES, is up and running. Here's the proposed intro (should be added soon) and a link:

You took a wrong turn and nothing makes sense. Left or right, the streets get darker. You double-back, retrace your steps, only to find the last intersection gone.

Don’t stop.

Don’t even slow down.

Because that noise you heard was something, all right. That blur in the alley more than a shadow.

This is the City of Wellesport. It plans to do more than welcome you. And the slip that brought you in may be the last mistake of your sorry life....


Monday, January 3, 2011


Only too happy to do something for Paul Brazill's blog. That guy hauling ass across YOU WOULD SAY THAT, WOULDN'T YOU? was inked with Sakura Micron pens, painted in watercolor, scanned, then drained of color and tweaked to make it appear greyscale....


Working on some new stuff for A Twist of Noir and considering a few other projects.