Wednesday, February 16, 2011


FLASHDRIVE, the first disenthralled E-book, is up at issuu. Photos by Sarah Bloom. Flash Fiction by Peggy McFarland, Robert Crisman, Laurita Miller, Carrie Clevenger, Quin Browne and Me (I included the story that gave me the idea, which was inspired by the work of Nicole Hirschi).

FLASHDRIVE: Flash Fiction and Images from the Road

My first time dealing with issuu. I found out the hard way you can't edit what is posted there. There are a few typos/brainslips/format glitches, but the material is strong. Read the Foreword, if you must, at a skim.

I found it much easier to layout the file prior to uploading it than dick around with it for hours on end, like I've been doing at the main Wordpress site ( The e-zine/website version consumed far too much of my life. Issuu offers a way for me to continue disenthralled without it becoming a full-time job again.


Sarah Bloom, who provided all of the photographs, has a Kickstarter campaign, "Totally Exposed," that you should check out. If you like the work she has contributed to disenthralled and my other projects, please consider supporting her:



Opened the windows in the office today. It's beautiful out. The wind is gusting, but not nearly as bad as yesterday. Belle, one of our Siamese kittens, hopped right up to watch the birdies.

"Look at the little birdie...."


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