Saturday, June 19, 2010


Waiting on material to finalize issues of disenthralled.

103 pages into the novelistic adaptation of an original screenplay. I'd forgotten how much fun it is to have characters grow in a work of this length, catch you off-guard, do things you hadn't expected that spin the plot in new directions. Begun in mid-May. At this pace, it might be finished by the time I head to New Orleans, the morning of July 22.

I have a stack of unsubmitted poetry to get out, but am not sure this will be next on the agenda. I may write a horror novel, as soon as I end the present one, to give myself a little distance before I undertake the rewrite. Set on the road. Inspired by the work of the Lovecraft Circle, Arthur Machen. E.T.A. Hoffman also seems like he'll figure in, although I can't imagine know how just yet. I will not push the idea. Not even a single note. When it comes, I'll start banging the keys. I want this book to really move in the writing as well as the reading.

As for the trip, I will be driving to Slidell, Louisiana on my own, possibly stopping a few hours out the night before I'm to meet the friend who is graciously putting me up (having family put me up, that is). Three days in and around New Orleans. I've done my share of rambling, but have never visited the southeastern corner of the U.S. No fixed schedule, as usual. Lots of hanging out. Having coffee. Wandering through the city. Perhaps a stop at the legendary Myrtles Plantation or a similar location for some impromptu ghost hunting. I should have a cellphone by that time--my first ever, I'm finally caving in--to provide updates on the trip at facebook or twitter.