Tuesday, July 2, 2013



It's been a little while--okay, years--since my last update.  I have been writing, but have also been busier than usual with real life (i.e., trying to keep from losing my mind).

This year, I had a story called "Highway Star" in Near to the Knuckles' GLOVES OFF anthology.  You can purchase it at amazon:  GLOVES OFF

My poem "feet," first non-lyrical work published as Katharine Hepcat, is up at Thirteen Myna Birds.  Juliet rotates the poems every thirty days, so hurry if you want to read it.

I also had a poem called "with carol at the switchhouse," inspired by the writing of a friend, which has been archived on my contributor's page at The Camel Saloon

I think there were a couple more earlier in the year.  Have to check.  Anyhow, that's what I'm sure of off the top of my head.


I was asked to review a brilliant graphic novel to be published soon.  Waiting to have a question answered by the publisher.  I'll post the review at my new umbrella site, katharinehepcat.com, where I plan to collate all things Katharine Hepcat/Walter Conley (writing, art, music) from this point on.

I'm preparing a different Noir short for Kindle, reworking a novel.

In the fall, I'm going to have an e-book published--the house's debut into the world of electronic readers.  It's an oldschool noir/horror story triggered by a help wanted sign.  I'm very excited about this, but can't say much more now.  This will likely be my last work published under the name Walter Conley.  I've used various pen names over the years, but am going to do all future projects as Katharine Hepcat (unless I have a specific request to the contrary).  There are links on the new site to related social media accounts.

Though I've always been a proponent of genre fiction, as a reader and a writer, I may be edging away from it to explore some new terrain.