Saturday, August 7, 2010


More about the new book.

I started it on July 28. It's a horror novel entitled COME AND BECOME, based on my recent roadtrip to New Orleans. The first thirty pages read more like a mainstream novel, but I have planted several things that will come into play later on.

As of this morning, I am @7400 words in.


Major differences between C&B and the novel I wrote before my trip to New Orleans, SOMEWHERE ELSE (aka SUMMERLAND):

I had a feature-length screenplay and several short pieces to work with for SE, so the framework was already there. For the new book, I am just running with it. Deliberately. No notes. An idea but no set structure.

SE was stripped to the bone.

C&B is much more descriptive. Atmospheric. Broad. I'm allowing myself to write, rather than report. Reeling in invention. And one of the two main characters has become the most fully-realized I have ever created.

For SE, I wrote three pages a day.

C&B has no daily goal, but I am averaging more. More densely-written pages. SE was probably 3/4 dialogue.

I had a completion date in mind for SE and hit it on the head. I have no idea when I'll be done with C&B and don't care, but it probably won't go more than three months, at this rate.


Once I complete the first draft of COME AND BECOME:

I will rewrite and shop SE, then come back and revise C&B--possibly sending it out as soon as the rewrites begin. And once C&B had been revised, I will begin another.

Questions? Want to talk shop? That's why I'm writing this post, so comment if you have something on your mind.