Monday, January 31, 2011


New drawing, "Why you should always sit at a table, rather than a booth, with a clear view of the door," at Twist:


Sakura micron pens on a sketchpad. I almost painted it, but decided to go with lines and heavy blacks. Still undecided whether I should do greyscale or straight B&W on this kind of image. Black and white, I think, if I can pull it off. There are an infinite variety of effects you can achieve with straight B&W. Not always logical or accurate--often stylized, suggestive, even surreal--but my primary concern is eliciting a reaction, not winning a prize for photo-realism.

I'm reminded of Cornell Woolrich, one of the progenitors of Noir. His stories were often contrived, overwrought, at times nonsensical, but he dragged you into the heart of his existential nightmare and didn't let up until you almost couldn't stand it.

Finishing up a new BBTF today. Have another ready. Keeping an eye out, while I wait for details on an upcoming illustration.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


BLACK BETWEEN THE FRAMES, the monthly crime comic for Pulp Metal Magazine, now has a homepage:


I plan to do a few single-panels, then a longer story or two this spring. I'm already at work adapting the short story of a friend.

* * *

Just finished an illustration for a periodical that I have never appeared in, as a writer/editor/anything else. Excited to be part of it.

Next are an illustration for a comic-themed book, new artwork for A Twist of Noir and a wicked little story for Valentine's Day. And I may get disenthralled up and running again soon--I discussed it with a guest editor and contacted a new photographer this morning.

What's on Chiller tonight....

Monday, January 10, 2011


My monthly crime comic for Pulp Metal Magazine, BLACK BETWEEN THE FRAMES, is up and running. Here's the proposed intro (should be added soon) and a link:

You took a wrong turn and nothing makes sense. Left or right, the streets get darker. You double-back, retrace your steps, only to find the last intersection gone.

Don’t stop.

Don’t even slow down.

Because that noise you heard was something, all right. That blur in the alley more than a shadow.

This is the City of Wellesport. It plans to do more than welcome you. And the slip that brought you in may be the last mistake of your sorry life....


Monday, January 3, 2011


Only too happy to do something for Paul Brazill's blog. That guy hauling ass across YOU WOULD SAY THAT, WOULDN'T YOU? was inked with Sakura Micron pens, painted in watercolor, scanned, then drained of color and tweaked to make it appear greyscale....


Working on some new stuff for A Twist of Noir and considering a few other projects.