Friday, October 16, 2009


Yesterday, I launched my online journal disenthralled. Photography by Paul Dutra. Serial fiction by Quin Browne. Poetry by offbeatjim and Allie Dresser. Flash by Roberta Lawson. And a night out with Janelle Rene.

The journal came together quickly. Not too long ago, it was just a word that caught my attention in a nineteenth-century short story; then a blog address; then an idea about a near-dark magazine kicked around with friends.

Although the site is far from polished, the reception has been wonderful. It's nice to have so many visitors take the time to comment.

I may get a proper URL and change the format a little.

I have most of the written material for Issue #2. Issue #3, like the others, has already taken on a life/theme/atmosphere of its own.

I'll post updates here and at the main page of the site, which you can check out by clicking the link below:


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