Saturday, November 28, 2009



SPECIAL ISSUE #2: Poetry is all but finished. Stunning. This came about because I was receiving some great poems, but either didn't have room in the current/upcoming regular issues or they didn't quite fit what I had assembled. The line-up includes Kristen Michelle HÃ¥vet (Special Issue #1), Salvatore Buttaci, Lynn Alexander, Howie Good, Carla Criscuolo and Robert Crisman. Photography by Anna Szczekutowicz. Here's a snippet from "To Kim," by Robert Crisman:

I hit those indifferent rocks down below
left shards of bone that the rats wouldn’t touch
I relearned to walk
through the Bonneville Salt Flats
It took me 800 years…

I know, man. I know. Robert's poem is the first I chose for the Special. He will also have a short story in Issue #3/December 15, 2009.


I wrote and submitted a poem the other day to a fledgling magazine. The first thing I'd submitted in two months. Publishing disenthralled has been more satisfying than I imagined. I'm still writing every day (see "i carry your heart" at right), but have no interest in seeing my own work published at the moment.


If you haven't been following Jodi MacArthur lately, you're missing out. Jodi is my favorite practicing horror writer. I really can't say enough....

Fiction Writer--Jodi MacArthur


  1. Since you already know, man, you know, I’ll just take a drag, hold it in and pass it back to you. Two more days. Seems like 800 years. When you’re holding your breath.

    I appreciated the Jodi link. Just read “Hollow Secrets.” Oh Lord yes!

  2. That excerpt of poetry above has me hooked. So looking forward to the special edition. Lynn Alexander and Sal are some of my favs bar none.

    Congrats on the success of your ezine, Walter. It's just fantastic.

    And of course, thank you so much for the plug and the kind words- makes me blush!