Thursday, December 31, 2009


Bruce Brown (disenthralled #2) and Richard Godwin (disenthralled #3) have stories up at A Twist of Noir.

* * *

disenthralled/Special #3: "The Salvation Skits" will be up tomorrow. Fiction by Miss Alister. Photography by Sarah R. Bloom.

I have a lot to think about with dis. I'd like to have the ability to write proper notes/announcements for both the Specials and regular issues, as well as a separater* identity for each. I may set up a sister blog for one to remedy this.

The noir special continues to grow in my head. A dis Special? E-book? Joint with other mags? I'd like to get it sorted out in time for March.


Now that I've begun to submit again, let's see if I can't keep better track this time (I won't)....

In the immediate future:

I'm going to have an untitled poem in Corporeal Flux (print), a vignette entitled "Roadies" at Metal Pulp Magazine, a poem entitled "Mountain" at Gloom Cupboard and a story entitled "Miss Morningside," also at Gloom Cupboard, under the name Rizzy Rodham.


*Separater is not, in fact, a word, but should be.

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