Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I have a little bit of roadside flash called "Miss October" in the February issue of Negative Suck and highly recommend that you read the piece which follows mine, by Lynn Kinsey:

MISS OCTOBER @ Jeffrey S. Callico's Negative Suck.

I also recommend the following story by Richard Godwin:

LUNCH WITH BELLA @ Word Catalyst Magazine.


There is no Special this week at disenthralled, although there are two (or more) presently in the works. The next regular issue is scheduled for February 15. The tentative rundown: Issue #5, Collaborative Fiction Special, Theater Special, Noir Special. The last mentioned will also introduce a monthly serial by Paul D. Brazill. I may sneak another poetry issue in there if I can, as well. The regular issues will most likely resume after the Noir Special in April.

MiCrow Winter 2010: All of the pieces are in the box and await careful assembly. Won't be long. Something a little different for me. I'm already eager to begin work on the summer edition.

I have a few more pieces to get for my Full of Crow/disenthralled e-book. Flash, nano and photography.

I think that's it for now. Probably not, but it makes me feel good to say it....


  1. Futility’s the juiciest thing I know and your Miss October is a roll in all the waste and chunks of hope floating in it. I got up from this a happy mess, went home with the last three lines all over me. The ...shake and wait... is delicious.

    Appreciated the leads. You know I’ve already gobbled up Lunch With Bella, and man did it sit five-star well. Today did really dig Lynn Kinsey’s Disabled. Talk about killer last lines...

  2. the serial's ticking over nicely, I must say. I'll send a couple more installments soon.