Friday, April 23, 2010


I have a new poem up at Gloom Cupboard, for my LAdyfriend...

our little easy

Thanks to Doorla Moorehouse for the opportunity. I don't know what she sees in me. Maybe she's had too much pie.

* * *

This weekend, I'll be going through the current subs for disenthralled. This is how I do it. I print them out. Spread them all over the floor of the office. Stand over them and rearrange them and walk among them. Once I have a workable issue, I'll sit down and read through it as a whole, fine-tuning the order. Then I post it in a draft and find photos to tie it all together. I look through art and photo galleries every day; by the time I have the written material organized, I usually have a pretty good idea of what images to use. If not, I'll hunt them like a madman--which is something I enjoy doing quite a bit.

Now you know. Didn't want to know? Easy to fix. Look down the staircase in the photo, upper-right. Start counting. Out loud. By the time you hit four, you'll forget what you're doing here.


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