Monday, May 24, 2010


Thanks to those who have been stopping by and leaving comments.

There is a new special up at disenthralled, featuring the artwork of IRA JOEL HABER and writing of PETRA WHITELEY:


Subs will CLOSE May 31, 2010 at dis, so I can catch up on posting what I've received.

* * *

I have a poem called "leach" in the March edition and another called "the back again" in the April edition of Graffiti Kolkata Broadside. They are currently going over the manuscript for my chapbook, OUR SECRET END, which should be out soon.

I'm taking a break from submitting new work to focus on a longer project and clear my desk for the summer.

This July, I have a road trip to New Orleans planned with a friend. While there, we intend to stare at greasy birds, smoke like smokers, drink coffee with chicory and hang with writers, artists, photographers and musicians we know online.

If you live nearby or will be in the area, let me know:

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