Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Some new work out...

THE STRAY BRANCH, Vol. 3 Issue #6: Fall/Winter 2010, contains my poem "this house is haunted," along with plenty of other poetry, art, fiction and photography. $9.00 via Createspace:


Quite a delay between acceptance and publication, but worth the wait. There's a recording of Quin Browne reading this poem that I would like to hear before I die.

COME AND BECOME, the novel based on my recent trip to New Orleans, had to be put on hold.

After setting it aside, however, I began the first in a series of Young Adult novels based on the work of H.P. Lovecraft. It's tentatively entitled THE CALL. Unlike my previous attempts at YA, this one hasn't turned so dark that I've had to abandon it (my son has been begging me to complete a vampire novel, written primarily for my children, that got out of hand by the end of the second chapter). I'm only writing four days a week now, due to a change in schedule. I wrote ten pages a day for the first week or two, then decided to push myself a little; I am now averaging twenty pages a day. This morning I hit page 224. Once it's finished, I'll write three chapters and an outline for the second novel, WITCHHOUSE, along with a series overview, tidy up the opening of THE CALL and see if I can get anyone to bite.

I still have this spring's crime novel, SUMMERLAND, to revise, but don't feel the urge just yet.

Not sure what I'll write while I'm waiting to hear on the Lovecraft project. Maybe a dark contemporary fantasy, as Rizzy Rodham. If someone's interested in the YA series, though, I'll probably just focus on that for now.

I've been dabbling with a paintbrush lately; there a few pics on my facebook page. My first poem in over a month is up there, too. Banging on my new drum set every day. I also have a phonebook-thick stack of poetry I need to submit, if I can make time....


  1. Dear me! Congratulations! Wish I could write like that!

  2. I've been in a novelistic groove for months. No idea why. Might as well see what I can accomplish while I have the momentum.