Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Just posted an interview with Katashi Katsu, by Juliette "Rizzy" Rodham, at disenthralled:


I'm on page 68 of the new book, NOW AND THEN. I've only been shooting for 5-10 pages a day on this, because (1) it's a more sophisticated novel than the last one I wrote and (2) I want to devote as much time as possible to learning how to draw. I turn out a decent sketch from time to time, but have never gotten serious about art. It's time I did. My goal is to be able to illustrate my own comics or cartoons. (I have always wanted to do a daily, horror comic strip. I did have one running online, about six or seven years ago, with an artist who manipulated photos of live models. It's where I first used the title BACK AGAIN AND GONE. Ramsey Campbell gave me permission to use the name of one of his early characters--Render of the Veils, from a Lovecraftian short story--as the name of my own sinister antagonist. It's tough coordinating with an artist for an ongoing project, especially when it's published strictly for fun. Perhaps being able to illustrate one myself will open some doors for me.)

I don't have much coming out this fall, since I haven't been submitting, but I may send out a horror story or two this week.

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