Saturday, August 8, 2009


A new poem, THE WITCH, is going to appear in a book called The Silkworm Vol.4, and another, A NIGHT IN, will be in the next issue of Absent Cause Magazine. I'll post more info when they come out.

A NIGHT IN was written after reading a blog post by a writer I really enjoy (see Quin Browne's links in the Online Reading List). She riffed on three words as an exercise in flash fiction. I decided to give it a shot and came up with this tale of obsession, lost identity and homespun Lovecraftian magic. I don't know, either. Somebody take me out for a piece of pie....

Update on Full of Crow: Amanda 1-3 are going up in the Fall Fiction Quarterly at Full of Crow, October 1, 2009. Thought it was September for some reason.

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  1. every time i see this info in writing, this knowledge your amazing piece is being (rightfully) published.. i grin.