Saturday, August 1, 2009


EMOTIONHAUSEN, a poem, went up today at Danse Macabre XXVI/Stonewall.


EIGHT, a vignette, is up at Issue #102 of Gloom Cupboard.



This morning, I submitted a long, uncharactestically gruesome crime story to a "dark crime" anthology. I'm a big proponent of suggestion--coercing the reader to supply his own detail in a way that evokes the strongest and most personal reaction--but the crime scene in this one broke the Splat-O-Meter.

I also submitted a trio of flash pieces to Glossolalia, a great online magazine. This past winter, they printed "Liar," by Crystal Folz, which is the best thing I've read online this year. Go read it. Now...

LIAR by Crystal Folz

There's something else I'm forgetting to do. I just know it.

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